Dress In Your Finest “Blues” Friday, November 8th

Help TIGAR Celebrate our official Character Counts! Campaign Kick Off!

TIGAR is proud to announce the official kick off of our Character Counts! Campaign. Over the next several months, TIGAR will be creating interactive, on-going events for our TIGAR athletes and families to participate in.

Character Counts! is the nation’s leading character education program that gives kids a framework for making better choices and defining universal values that help create thoughtful, giving and empathetic children.  Over 4 million kids in 54 countries will be celebrating the Six Pillars of Character: Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring and Citizenship.

On Friday, November 8th, TIGAR will be celebrating the first Pillar of Character Trustworthiness.   We are inviting all TIGAR athletes, including team members and recreational class participants, to wear the color blue in honor of Trustworthiness.

As part of TIGAR’s dedication to helping kids learn about the Six Pillars of Character, each month an Athlete Ambassador will be chosen who best represents the particular trait we are celebrating.  Athlete Ambassadors will be chosen based on setting positive character examples for fellow athletes, coaches and other TIGAR families.

TIGAR is proud to announce November and December’s Athlete Ambassadors, Caden Knight and Sarah Hooper, chosen for representing the character trait Trustworthiness.   Caden and Sarah will each receive a $25.00 gift certificate to use in the TIGAR Pro Shop.  Their name and photograph will also go on the Athlete Ambassador Wall of Fame located in the lobby of TIGAR.

Congratulations, Caden and Sarah!  Thank you for helping TIGAR kick off the 2013/2014 Character Counts! Campaign.


What Would You Do?

A Tale of Trust and Doing The Right Thing

Feature story on TIGAR’s November Athlete Ambassador Caden Knight, part of TIGAR’s Character Counts! Campaign 2013.

CadenImage2$1600.00 would buy a lot apps or music for any typical 10 year old boy who loves to listen to music or reach his best score on a number of video games.

Just ask Caden Knight, a 5th grader attending an Arvada charter school and familiar face at TIGAR. This avid gymnast, baseball and basketball player has just been announced as the first of TIGAR’s Athlete Ambassadors, in honor of the 2013-2014 Character Counts! Campaign, the nation’s leading initiative in developing basic values for kids.

Recently, Caden sat down for an interview on how he defines Trustworthiness, the first of 6 character traits in the national Character Counts! Campaign that TIGAR is kicking off this month.

“I kept thinking about if someone didn’t get that money that belonged to them, and how that would make them feel” Caden says, recalling a day last fall when he found a wallet stuffed with large bills on the floor of the boy’s restroom during a gymnastics meet at TIGAR.

Under the watchful eye of his mother, Caden started asking several people if the wallet was theirs. Finally, he approached a vendor that was selling products from a booth in the lobby, and the man said, “I’ve been looking for that!”  Over $1600.00 was in the wallet; money earned by all of the hard work the vendor had done over the last several days.

“It was the right thing not to keep it”, Caden says.  He describes how doing the right thing relates to sports and school, too.   Sometimes Caden finds himself needing to defend a friend, which recently happened in his classroom.

“I have a new friend at school.  He looks different than me, and doesn’t dress the same. He gets teased because of his looks. But we started talking and got to know each other”.   One day, a schoolmate started picking a fight with his friend, Caden says, calling him a “gangster”.    At that point, Caden’s decision was to let the teacher know, instead of trying to get in the middle of the fight.    “Sometimes I can help with something like that, but sometimes it’s good to let an adult know”.

And what advice does Caden have for other kids about how to be trustworthy?  “I would tell them to think about the choices you are going to make.  What would God think?  Would he be proud of you?  Listen to your gut feeling, and do the right thing”.

Wise words from a 10 yr. old boy, well on his way to being a great role model for others.

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Written By: Bradie Walls

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