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TIGAR Event Registration

Welcome to TIGAR’s online event registration!

Below you will find a calendar of events for which you can register. You can register for classes by simply selecting the “Register” link associated with the class in which you are interested and follow the registration steps. You may enroll one or more children in one or more classes below. We will provide you with the appropriate member discount for multi-class enrollments prior to your account being billed or credit card being charged.

If the class you are seeking to enroll in has “Wait List” indicated on the registration link, you are encouraged to complete the registration link so that we know that you desire enrollment in a class that is currently on wait list status.  Your child will be given the opportunity to register for that class in order of priority based on the date entered onto the wait list.  Additionally, we often open new classes if/when wait listed classes have sufficient interest in enrollment.

By completing the online registration form and submitting it, you are requesting registration in class(es) (including camps, events and other offerings) at TIGAR Gymnastics & Cheer.  To complete this pre-registration process, please fill in the required fields in the online application.  The more information you can provide to us, the better we are able to determine the appropriate class for your child’s enrollment.  If the answer to the question is “None” or “Not Applicable,” please complete that block by typing “None” or “N/A.”

All applications for registration will be reviewed by TIGAR prior to your credit card being charged.  Please review the policies set forth at the end of this application.  You may also review a complete Recreational Handbook on our website, or receive a copy for review at the front desk at any time.  Policies may be revised from time to time.  Please keep abreast of our current policies by periodically reviewing them.

Please note that online registration is not available for competitive team members.  If you have a child who is interested in joining one of our teams, please contact the Front Desk at info@tigargym.com, and request a consultation with a member of TIGAR management.

TIGAR Members & Students

If you are currently an active member of TIGAR, have been to a TIGAR camp or class since 2012, or hosted a birthday party at TIGAR, and would like to re-register for a class, you will first need to visit the TIGAR Parent Portal . If you have forgotten your log in information, or your email address has changed since your last registration for a program at TIGAR, please call 720.89TIGAR for assistance.

PLEASE NOTE:  Your child’s enrollment will not be complete until you receive written confirmation of the enrollment in the class.  Upon submitting this online registration, you will first receive an email indicating our receipt of your registration and request for admission to a particular class.  After we have reviewed your application (and following any pre-enrollment evaluation or trial class, if provided), you will receive a second email confirming enrollment in your desired class, or wait list status (for classes where enrollment has closed).

FREE Trial

New members to TIGAR may request a free trial prior to enrolling in a class.  If you would like to request a free trial, please email the Recreation Director at info@tigargym.com before you complete this application for registration.

TIGAR Events


Just select an event from the calendar below and fill out the online registration form…

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