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USAG Girls Team Gymnastics

Gymnastics Medal

Competitive Levels

Levels 3-10 & Elite

Our gym offers 8 competitive levels in the USAG Junior Olympic programs. Levels 4- 6 are compulsory levels that require all girls team gymnastics competitors to perform the same routine, and are judged according to a model of perfect execution and presentation. Level 7 has Compulsory Elements that must be performed, however the Coaches determine Choreography of the routines. Levels 8, 9, 10 and Elite are Optional levels, in which gymnasts perform routines based on difficulty, execution and composition. Invitation to team is by coach recommendation. Gymnasts must meet age and skill requirements for each level.

Private Lessons & Custom Routine Choreography

All coaches offer private lessons where your gymnast can refine or develop new skills and/or routines. Private lessons must be scheduled at the front desk, however payment is made directly to the coaches, and coaches set their own rates for private lessons.

Many coaches also offer a service to create a customized routine for team gymnasts competing at the Optional level (Levels 7-10 USAG and Levels 5-7 Optional EAGLES); pricing is set by the coaches and payment is made directly to the coaches.


Talent Opportunity Program (TOPs) is a talent search and educational program for female USAG gymnasts between the ages of 7-10 and their coaches. A gymnast’s age is determined based on her age at any time during the calendar year, not necessarily her age at the time of testing (for instance, a gymnast with a birthday of December 31, 2003 would be considered to be 10 years old for a June 2013 test date). The purpose of the TOPs program is to : (a) identify and begin to train gymnasts who demonstrate certain physical skills and gymnastics attributes and potential at an early age; and (b) to help coaches of TOPs competitors learn from and attend camps with the U.S. National Team coaching staff to enhance the development of talented, young athletes and to improve gymnastics programs across the country.