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A Safe Gym

Beth Deasy

As the owner of TIGAR Gymnastics & Cheer, it is my top priority to ensure that all of the children who call TIGAR home for their athletic training are safe and protected from harm. Let me share with you some of the steps we take to make TIGAR safe:

  1. All of our coaches are subject to a number of background checks and investigations, including a private and thorough U.S. background check for any criminal or civil matters, as well as the mandatory USAG/USASF background checks. These reports are reviewed prior to any employment being offered at TIGAR. We do not employ individuals who have a history of criminal or domestic matters in their past.
  2. We have security cameras installed throughout our facility which record 24 hours per day, to help keep athletes safe and provide constant oversight of our coaches, visitors and athletes.
  3. No coaches are permitted to give private lessons or work with athletes when they are alone in the gym. At least two staff members must be present in the gym at all times during any training offered to children.
  4. We do not have closed door rooms at TIGAR – other than our public restrooms, all rooms and training areas are open to the public and do not have doors or locks on them.
  5. We have on site, daily and nightly owner presence. I am at the gym during morning, afternoon and evening practices, and I make a point to monitor the activities in the gym. I keep an open door policy with parents, coaches and athletes, and invite you to ask me any questions or raise any issues you may have with me, and I commit to taking action upon them.
  6. TIGAR always allows parent viewing during practices and private lessons. We do not employ “closed door” practices for any reason.
  7. Staff are trained on how to identify warning signs of child abuse and neglect, and athletes are also trained on how to protect themselves. We are a proud supporter of the USAG Clubs Care Campaign, which is an awareness program recently launched by USAG to reduce the risk of sexual abuse in gymnastics clubs.

State of the Art Facility

TIGAR Gymnastics and Cheer is the newest, most innovative training facility in Colorado. No expense was spared to develop a safe, clean, state of the art gym for our TIGAR athletes and their families!

For our gymnasts we proudly feature:

  • 18,000 square feet of training area
  • Tumble Traks
  • Foam Pits
  • AAIA Equipment
  • Bus Transportation from Local Schools
  • Full Kitchen for Storing/Preparing Meals and Snacks
  • Cubbies/Lockers
  • Dance Room
  • Daily cleaning and sanitizing of mats and equipment

For our parents and families we are pleased to offer:

  • Free WiFi
  • Parent Observation Deck
  • Snack and Beverage Vending
  • Pro Shop