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About Tigar

Our Philosophy

Beth Close upBeth Deasy, owner and operator of TIGAR, believes that the greatest wish we can have for children is that they become adults who love who they are and what they do. Helping to develop such self-knowledge and passion for life in young children requires a delicate balance of nurturing and education.

To this end, our TIGAR facility and staff  have been positioned to offer children  an organized, structured, and highly supervised venue for parent-accompanied or non-parent-accompanied physical recreation in a dedicated, professional, and safe environment. Our pre-school programs offer children the opportunity to socialize with other children and supervising adults while focused on organized recreational challenges , translating to physical, mental, and character-building skill-sets designed to increase coordination, learning, and communication.

Why Gymnastics?

Gymnastics is a fun, energizing, and powerful sport requiring skills of coordination, balance, agility, and grace. Some experts say that the greatest benefits of gymnastics training for children are both physical and mental development. Physically, gymnastics takes a lot of power,Gymnastics determination, agility, and balance. Mentally, gymnastics requires poise, confidence, concentration, and perseverance. Gymnastics training is not only a tool to learn new athletic skills and gain confidence, but also teaches children skills that they can use for life!

Why Cheerleading?

Philosophy-Cheer (150x150)Cheerleading has come a long way from the days of saddle shoes and pom poms! Today, cheerleaders all over the globe perform high flying stunts and flyers soar through the air to professionally choreographed routines at high-energy competitions. All Star Cheerleading team members at TIGAR range in age from 5-18 years of age and are open to both girls and boys from beginner to advanced levels. Cheerleading is an activity that uniquely combines physical, mental and emotional components into one sport, as squad members develop not only physical strength, but also coordination, memorization and goal setting. According to the National Cheerleading Association, participating in cheer can help in school, too, as 82% of cheerleaders in the U.S. maintain a GPA of a B or higher, and the same percentage pursue higher education in colleges and universities. Cheerleading provides strength training and a great workout that keeps athletes healthy and fit, as well as maintaining a postiive attitude and self esteem. Because squad members must work together as a team during their routines, cheerleading forms strong relationships among members, developing life skills such as trust, hard work and the benefits of working toward a common goal. Cheerleading includes many aspects of sports and activities that are highly favored by children, including incorporating dance moves to popular music, tumbling, stunting and learning a routine that is performed at exciting competitions and exhibitions.

Our Instructors

Girls Rec GymnasticsOur coaches have been carefully selected and trained, using well-established techniques so that they can safely teach new skills.  Our programs encourage each child to challenge themselves and instill confidence in each athlete in a rewarding environment.

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